Aylık arşivler: Haziran 2012

Social Media Case Study: AMK Spor

“Amk” is a common slang in Turkish language, usually used at the end of sentences, short for the ‘F- word’.

A new web site with a surprizing title called “nebuamk.com” (Turkish analogy of dafuq.com) was launched about two weeks ago. I personally mistook it for a comedy page; I thought it was a new addition to several funny sites like theonion.com. The reason I took it for a joke was the title, I never thought it was possible for a serious newspaper or a magazine would publish curse words. But it was really funny. Dafuq was that?

I checked on whois.com that the domain name was registered on May 25th. So it actually is short time for a big project. Thanks to the appealing name, the social media promotions of AMK have reached thousands of people in a single week.

Facebook page of AMK was activated on May 31st, when only 3 people “liked” it.
On the launch day of the paper, total number of “likes” on the Facebook page was 14.671, with 11.145 people “talking about” it.

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