Etiket arşivi: Adorno

Adorno’dan Sosyoloji Öğrencilerinin Mesleki Analizi


Theodor Adorno Introduction to Sociology kitabında yer alan 23 Nisan 1968 tarihli ders notunda sosyoloji öğrencilerinin yaşadığı işsizlik sorununu şöyle açıklıyor:

“The number of students majoring in Sociology has risen to an extraordinary degree since 1955. Let me give you a few figures: in 1955 there were 30 sociology majors, in 1959 163, in 1962 there were 331, in 1963 383. Now (1968) there are 626. In view of this I should be professionally blinkered in deed If I were to tell you how wonderful it is that so many of you are studying sociology! If you compare the expectations ambitious of students with the professions they actually later adopt, the results are even worse. For example -and this is very interesting- only % 4 of sociology students originally wanted to work at a university whereas %28 of graduates have been absorbed into higher education. In another words, the university which produces sociologist, is also their main consumer, their primary consumer. This is a situation which, making somewhat free use all the language of pscyhoanalytic theory, I have called incestuous. In my opinion this is not a diserable state of affairs. On the other hand only %4 of students originally intended to go into market and opinion reserach whereas %16 have actually entered that profession. By contrast a relatively high number -%17- wanted work in journalism, radio and television, but only %5 of graduates have found employment there. With regard to Industrial and Company Sociology, %3 wanted to adopt this profession and %4 have actually taken it up – a somewhat better ratio -.” Adorno, Theodor W.

Aradan geçen 45 yıl içinde değişen bir şey yok gibi. Sizce?